“Learning happens in the minds and souls, not in the databases of multiple-choice tests.”

Ken Robinson


Talks and/or workshops

  • For students, parents and/or teachers and staff.
  • About emotional education, mindfulness, gender, diversity and bullying.


  • For families, students and/or teachers in relation  to the above topics.
  • Follow-up after workshops/talks.


We are living in times where constant change takes place at a very fast pace because of technology, work pressure, and social pressure.  This overload of information makes us struggle sometimes to find a balance between family life and worklife. From a very young age, children are also confronted with overstimulation and stress. For this reason, schools play a crucial role in empowering their students and help them to become adults that are able to handle these challenges.

If you raise awareness about gender and diversity in your school, teach your students how to stop bullying, and how to regulate emotions and understand thinking processes, you will get students with:

  • An improved self-esteem and performance in class.
  • Lower anxiety and depression levels.
  • Higher self-confidence.
  • Augmented motivation and concentration.
  • An enhanced emotional equilibrium.
  • A greater sense of perspective.
  • A feeling that they can cope with challenges.