Sarah Degens

(Col. 22402)

My Training
I am a Clinical Psychologist, graduated from Ghent University in Belgium. In 2010 I moved to Barcelona and completed a Master in Cognitive Social Therapy.  In addition, I was trained at the Associació Conexus in Barcelona in intervention in cases of family violence.

My Experience
I have worked in the HR department of a multinational company,  where I provided training to employees and supervisors. I also have experience as a school psychologist, helping students with learning difficulties and socio-emotional problems. At Conexus, I provided psychosocial care to families at risk of social exclusion. Through this NGO, I also gave workshops in schools about bullying and equality.

Since 2009, I have been helping adults, adolescents and children, offering individual, couple and family counselling, and psychotherapy to improve emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Consulta reconocida y registrada como Centro Sanitario de Psicología Clínica por el Departamento de Salud de la Generalitat de Catalunya (E08602397).